Aarhus. Architectural Guide

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Aarhus. Architectural Guide
Aarhus. Architectural Guide
Weissbach Heiko
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Aarhus is an architectural jewel on the periphery of Continental Europe. The self-proclaimed world's smallest city has borne the pet name City of Smiles for many decades in order to promote itself and its good vibe. Today, the Danish city is primarily a city prominent for education and training with a School of Architecture which is highly conducive to Aarhus having the highest density of architects throughout the country. In addition to key buildings from the twentieth century, the Architectural Guide Aarhus seeks to present spectacular new buildings from recent years. Ten tours, which are classified according to their geographic scope, provide an overview of almost 150 buildings and projects. Complementary essays provide background knowledge on urban history, the history of specific quarters and renowned architects who have contributed to making Aarhus an European architectural metropolis - and not only since the City of Culture year of 2017.