Alekhine Defense. A Complete Guide

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Alekhine Defense. A Complete Guide
Alekhine Defense. A Complete Guide
Chetveric Maxim, Kalinichenko Nikolay
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Alekhine Defense is a bold choice for Black, challenging the classical chess rules from the very beginning of the game yet proving itself to be a flexible system. Black can choose to head for mind-boggling complications or carefully manoeuvre within the 6th to 8th ranks, waiting for the right time to strike out at the center. Although once a favorite of Bobby Fischer and occasionally played by Magnus Carlsen, the lack of Alekhine Defense games at the level of elite Grandmasters today means that many lines and ideas remain untested in practice. As a result, this opening leads to lively, often open positions with chances for both sides. With l...Nf6 Black signals that he is playing to win. This book, consisting of 16 parts and 87 chapters, not only covers the traditional Alekhine lines but also takes a comprehensive look at variations rooted firmly in the 21st century. Moreover, thanks to the use of modern technology and the authors' deep analysis the evaluations of many well-known lines have been revised. The authors have strived to write a lively work which is useful for both players with high ELO ratings and club players.