The Career Clinic

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The Career Clinic
The Career Clinic
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The secret to life is doing the work we are meant to do. As the longtime host of a radio show devoted to helping people find work they love, Maureen Anderson has often invited listeners in to hear firsthand accounts of people who not only relish their work, but live without regret. The Career Clinic is filled with intimate, revealing, and inspiring stories of career transitions that led to fulfillment, meaning, and peace. . .and offers suggestions for how others can make them too. Readers will find plenty of practical guidance on how to make the leap from the 9-to-5 doldrums to a love affair with their career. From a fashion designer who became a psychotherapist, to a husband and wife who followed their dream to open a bookstore, to a secretary who became the famous editor of a legendary magazine, the book offers warmhearted advice and encouragement. Readers will learn how to find their place in the world, have fun, and say, ?Yes!? to what truly makes them happy.
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Привлекательности труда в организации
...Глава I. Теоретические подходы к проблеме привлекательности труда в организации
1.1. Понятие привлекательности
1.2. Привлекательность труда и ее взаимосвязь с организационной культурой
Привлекательность труда.
Механизмы формирования привлекательности труда.
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