A Freshwater Murrel Channa Gachua, channidae

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A Freshwater Murrel Channa Gachua, channidae
A Freshwater Murrel Channa Gachua, channidae
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Murrels belonging to the family channidae, are commonly known as snake-heads, Four to five species of Channa are available in Odisha State and amongst them Channa gachua being this smallest in size. Hamilton designated the species as Channa gachua which was formerly known as Channa orientalis. The Fish is consumed by lower class and lower middle class families in India. hence their population should be increased. For this, extensive study of their biology and chemical biology was necessary. In this work, Author tried to study food, feeding habits, growth in relation to age, age at first maturity, length and weight relationship, fecundity, sex ratio etc to give the knowledge of their population and status. For the nutritive component, like carbohydrate, protein, fat and ash percentage of muscle liver and gonad was studied to justify them to be consumed as a nutritious food so that people will culture them and will cater their need.

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