Optics For Dummies

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Optics For Dummies
Optics For Dummies
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The easy way to shed light on Optics In general terms, optics is the science of light. More specifically, optics is a branch of physics that describes the behavior and properties of light?including visible, infrared, and ultraviolet?and the interaction of light with matter. Optics For Dummies gives you an approachable introduction to optical science, methods, and applications. You'll get plain-English explanations of the nature of light and optical effects; reflection, refraction, and diffraction; color dispersion; optical devices, industrial, medical, and military applications; as well as laser light fundamentals. Tracks a typical undergraduate optics course Detailed explanations of concepts and summaries of equations Valuable tips for study from college professors If you're taking an optics course for your major in physics or engineering, let Optics For Dummies shed light on the subject and help you succeed!
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...Глава 1. Теоретические аспекты исследования
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