30 Millennia of Erotic Art

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30 Millennia of Erotic Art
30 Millennia of Erotic Art
Klaus H. Carl,Victoria Charles,Ханс-Юрген Допп,Joe A. Thomas
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Parkstone Press
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From the thousand-year-old statues celebrating fertility to the odalisques of the modern painters, erotic art has always held a prominent place in society, whatever their morals or cultural references.This work has assembled one thousand images of erotic artworks, from all times and all continents, to illustrate how the representation of these pleasures of the flesh testifies to the evolution of different civilisations and their histories. While eroticism and sexuality are at the forefront of today?s advertising and media, this book offers an exceptional view into the archives of erotic imagery and emphasises the artistic value of these magnificently sinful illustrations.