Developing Software 'Dia Diet@Ease' for Diabetics

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Developing Software 'Dia Diet@Ease' for Diabetics
Developing Software 'Dia Diet@Ease' for Diabetics
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Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder of multiple etiologies characterized by chronic hyperglycemia associated with impaired carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism due to lack of insulin. India is designated as the “Diabetes Capital of the world”. The newly developed software “Dia Diet @ Ease” on diet advice for Diabetics as detailed under methodology contains sections such as “About Diabetes, its causes, symptoms, complications, prevention and management and diet counseling”. An icon with the name DiaDiet@Ease will appear.VB.NET,the user friendly language provides a variety of options for designing the software. The hyperlinks are placed then and there for the easy usage of the software. The diet counseling part is individualized wherein the user viewing the software should enter the name, age, sex, marital status, height, weight, nature of activity, random blood glucose level and complications .As per the entry, the software displays the person’s body mass index and the random blood glucose level. Daily calorie requirement of the individual as per BMI and glycemic levels with options of ten lists of menus including breakfast, lunch and dinner are displayed.
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