Successful Cross-Cultural Teamwork

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Successful Cross-Cultural Teamwork
Successful Cross-Cultural Teamwork
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Revision with unchanged content. The globalization phenomenon is responsible in bringing to the orga­ni­za­tio­nal environment an even greater exposure to diversified national cultures. Despite the tendence in homogenizing cultures, each of them is unique and some­times not fully understood by others due to different perceptions and in­terpretations about the world facts. Not rare, this process leads to mis­un­der­standing and stereotyping among team members. Companies worldwide are even more looking for collaborators with the right set of skills to deal with multicultural aspects. The Brazilian author Rachel Chang presents an over­view about national and organizational cultural concerns by using exam­ples from different cultures and mindsets. Moreover, she discusses about her sur­vey conducted at a transactional company located in Munich, Germany, which resulted in a job-profile model for cross-cultural teamwork. This book is mainly recommended for readers interested in multiculturally and in­ter­na­tio­nal management themes, as collaborators of transactional companies, pro­fessors and students.
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